outdoor movie night fundraiser

Make Money with the Movies: How to Create a Successful Movie Night Fundraiser

Does your school, church, non-profit organization, or youth sports team need to come up with a creative and effective way to make money? Why not host an outdoor movie night? Everyone loves movies, and the outdoors, and combining the two only makes sense. Not to mention, movie nights present a host of creative and easily-incorporated…

spectators at open air cinema for new fundraising ideas

You Need New Fundraising Ideas: We’ve Got Your Back

New fundraising ideas are bard to come by!  Cookie sales, T-shirt sales, pastry sales, Walk-a-thons, jog-a-thons, swim-a-thons, magazine subscriptions, dance parties, and car washes. You are familiar with the fundraising concept and you have probably already tried one or more of these ideas for your organization. It’s even likely you have spent some money on…