The Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ 

The Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ enhances the three key elements of audience engagement head-on: Increased Audio Quality, Customized Branding, and Targeted Messaging. 

Unlike FM Transmission, where channels may require a change just before or even during a film, the Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ allows for simple setup, easy sharing with viewers, and even more engagement before, during, and after the film. View our Press Release here.

When booking with the app, you can engage your customers like never before!

  • Include upcoming events
  • Provide Sponsors with additional individual reach
  • Provide Local Food Menus

The Ultimate Mobile Listening App™ provides many listening options!

  • Listening directly from your phone
  • Listening thru your favorite earbud or headset
  • Using your vehicle’s speakers or other mobile Bluetooth speakers

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