We will update this information frequently as new information is learned. Last update 3/16/20.

We are actively staying on top of the COVID-19 information coming from our national and local government and health officials. We are committed to protecting the health of our employees and customers, and doing what we can to help during this national crisis. We are encouraging our customers to consider Drive-In Screens so communities can safely attend Sunday Church Services or Events that are Difficult to Reschedule, as well as single Family Drop-Off events to have outdoor activity that can include social distancing.

For More Information: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Notices for Existing Customers:

Events After 4/30/20: If you have a rental with us this year, for any date after April 15th, 2020, your reservation is secure as long as you’ve signed your rental agreement and paid a deposit. We expect the pent up demand for outdoor activities will place extraordinary demand on our inventory when COVID-19 passes, so we ask that you please hold existing reservations or get summer reservations in now to ensure availability for your summertime events. We will continue to monitor the situation and update later events accordingly.

Events Prior to 4/30/20: We are offering all customers with events prior to April 30th to (1) upgrade to a Drive-In (associated fees apply) or (2) change to a Backyard Drop-off for single families as allowed by any national or local restrictions or (4) postpone/reschedule. We’ve expanded our rescheduling policy specific to COVID-19 related postponed events, to allow customers to reschedule for up to 12 months from their original event date at no additional fee, pending they have paid the deposit or balance for their event and signed the rental agreement. Otherwise standard cancelation and rescheduling fees may apply.

We support preventative measures that help increase the safety of those most vulnerable to the disease, and we encourage everyone to do their part in helping “flatten the curve” to allow our health services to catch up with demand and support everyone’s health needs during this unprecedented time. Our hearts and prayers go out to those already seriously affected by the repercussions of this disease, including not only those with their health affected, but also those whose work, life, family, or financial have been affected due to this worldwide pandemic.

Please contact us today for any revisions to your events or to book for summer when we expect to help everyone get outside again.
(877) 735-4257