[sc :io_rental page=”Austin” rental_id=”410441″ rental_name=”Photo Booth 3 Hr Signature Package” name_encoded=”Photo+Booth+3+Hr+Signature+Package” description=”

    • Includes Open Air Kiosk style photo booth with all of the following:
      • Setup, Local Delivery & Teardown
      • Unlimited Color or Black & White Photos
      • Your Choice of Printed Strips or 4×6 Images
      • Full Time Booth Attendant
      • Custom Event Layout
      • USB Drive w/All Pictures From Event
      • Fun Props (goofy hats, glasses, wigs, mustaches, etc)
      • Online Photo Gallery Access (Password Protected)
      • Premiere Scrapbook for Keepsakes
    • Signature Package Includes These Extras
      • Upgraded Signature Scrapbook (choose bamboo or aluminum) w/Custom Art Work Option
      • Social Media Sharing via Text, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Share Photos instantly.

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  • Salsa: The Ultimate Party Booth991417Salsa: The Ultimate Party Booth1
    • Includes the Salsa Open Air Kiosk style photo booth with Multi-Colored LED’s and all of the following:
      • Setup, Local Delivery & Teardown
      • Unlimited Digital Images
      • Social Media Sharing Options
      • Animated GIF’s, Boomerangs
      • Full Time Booth Attendant
      • Custom Event Image Layouts
      • Online Gallery w/All Pictures From Event
      • Optional:  Add Fun Props for just $49 (goofy hats, glasses, wigs, mustaches, etc)
      • Additional Rental Time: $200/hr
      • Add Unlimited Prints for just $99

  • Water Ballasts (Set of 4)1174191Water Ballasts (Set of 4)1
  • 45’ Epic Movie Screen (30’x17′ – Audience Up to 1,000)101267145’ Epic Movie Screen (30’x17′ – Audience Up to 1,000)1

    Epic (16:9 Widescreen)

    Perfect for those really BIG events of up to 1,000 guest or up to 75 cars with a Drive-In!

    We provide:

    * LCD HD Projection

    * Concert Grade Speakers

    * Bluray Player

    *Audio Mixer

    * Microphone

    * 2 1/2 Hours Rental

    * Technical Host

    You Provide:

    * Electrical outet(s) for our equipment

    * DVD or Bluray Disc

  • 12′ LED 4K Video Wall (9′ x 6′)101368512′ LED 4K Video Wall (9′ x 6′)1

    12′ Ultimate LED Wall (9′ x 6′ Viewable)

    Perfect for those really big events, day or night!  Featuring 4K resolution and 5,500 Nits of brightness, this outdoor LED screen is great for movies, outdoor advertising, concerts, festivals, tournaments and anywhere else you need full color, ultra-bright video.

    We provide:

    * 9′ x 6′ LED HD Video Wall

    * Adjustable height stands

    * Horizontal Truss to hang screen

    *Video Scaler & Video Sending Unit

    * Available for 1/2 day or full day rentals

    * Ultimate technician to deliver & setup your screen

    * All cables and accessories

    You Provide:

    * Sufficient Electrical outlet(s) for our equipment

    * Compatible content for display on the screen

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  • Photo Booth Additional 1 HourPhoto Booth 3 Hr Signature Package:Photo Booth Additional 1 Hour10410441_4107790000

    Add additional photo both & attendant rental time to one of our event packages.

” acc_obj_relate=”{”410779”:{}}” landing_pages=”Austin TX” price_1h=”$699.00″ price_2h=”$699.00″ price_3h=”$699.00″ price_4h=”$699.00″ price_5h=”$699.00″ price_6h=”$699.00″ price_7h=”$699.00″ price_8h=”$699.00″ price_9h=”$699.00″ price_10h=”$699.00″ price_11h=”$699.00″ price_12h=”$699.00″ price_13h=”$699.00″ price_14h=”$699.00″ price_15h=”$699.00″ price_16h=”$699.00″ price_24h=”$699.00″ price_48h=”$699.00″ price_72h=”$699.00″ price_96h=”$699.00″ price_120h=”$699.00″ price_168h=”$699.00″ price_336h=”$699.00″ price_504h=”$699.00″ price_720h=”$699.00″ image1alttext=”Photo Booth 3 Hr Signature Package”]